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Our recently delivered 6 Tier Wedding Cake


It was a beutiful and tasty adition in our homemade wedding cakes, and one more happy client in South West London

We recently delivered  a 6 Tier Wedding Cake with 2 dummy tiers and four 14 inch cake layers as a base.
First layer: Carrot Cake
Second Layer: Chocolate with chocolate Chips
Third Layer: Lemon Dessert Cake and finally
Fourth Layer: Vanilla Sponge Cake.
Total height of the cake was around 85 cm

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Beautiful Red Velvet Cake And Beautifully Decorated Cupcakes

This beautiful celebration cake was made of a delicious Red Velvet Cake along with beautifully decorated cupcakes for a Hina Event for a client in South West London.

Choosing the best anniversary and wedding cakes

There are different types of occasions that are celebrated from time to time like anniversary, wedding, birthday and related events. In such occasions, it is a custom to present some gift that is both great looking and precious to the recipients. Besides gifts, presentation of flowers and cakes has be
come more frequent. Wedding Cakes are found to be quite appealing to people of all ages and is also found to be a beautiful way to display one’s love and regard for the recipient or recipients celebrating any memorable event.

11 Tier Wedding Cake
11 Tier Wedding Cake

Online cakes

With people having better access to advanced gadgets like computer, laptop and smartphones and fast internet connection, it has become much easier to order cakes of choice and have it sent to friends, acquaintances and relatives during any occasion. The ordering and delivery process does not involve much effort or hassle and the choice offered by the reputed providers are many.

It is very much possible for the shopper to order special cakes that meets the moods and tastes of the recipient and to be within the budget. The cake when accompanied by a greeting card and flower can make it all the more special, interesting and unique. The well established providers do make it sure that they have the ordered items to be delivered at the specified address on time. This actually helps the item to have that magical effect of a gift and the effect upon the recipient is enhanced manifolds.
Customized orders
The talented and experienced online bakers do provide their customers with personalized options to choose from. The popular wedding and anniversary cakes can be found in blank form with the option to decorate the same by having on top personalized messages. It tends to add personal touch and will be appreciated by the recipients and also get the desired message effectively. The providers do offer plenty of designing flexibility to the cakes to retain its specialty on special occasions.
It is equally important for the shopper to consider the best shape, size, decoration and design that will better relate with the recipients requirements and moods. As a matter of fact, pastries and cakes are excellent ways to wish someone on some memorable occasion. The online providers do enhance the overall moods of the celebration by offering variety of flavor and taste choices to select from. Now, ordering choice of cake just requires click of the mouse or the smartphone.

Red Velvet Celebration Cake
Red Velvet Celebration Cake

Ideal gift
The truth is the huge variety of anniversary and wedding cakes easily available with the online provider, they do make ideal gifts for the occasion. The same delivery offered by the providers should be taken full advantage of. This will help to retain the element of surprise. The providers also offer midnight deliveries in selected locations to enhance the spirits of the occasion.
Fresh and delicious
The online bakery shops do make sure that they provide their customers with absolutely super fresh, superior quality cakes, within stipulated time, catering to their client’s desires and requirements.
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